An Eye For an Eye (The Breaking Point)

As the violence in Iraq grows more shocking and brutal, TIME explores the roots of the murderous rage--and why the U.S. may be powerless to stop it

The Wild Card (The Breaking Point / Profile)

Radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr loathes the U.S.--and may be its best hope for preventing a civil war



Bush's Broken Political Antenna (Notebook / In The Arena)

In the face of growing public discontent with his policies, Bush is sounding airy and out of touch


The Big Blank Canvas

Everyone has big dreams for New Orleans. Now that more money is promised, will any of them become reality?

It's Do-It-Yourself Security (The Real Problem)

Initially the EPA was in charge of securing U.S. chemical plants from terrorist attacks but now it's the Department of Homeland Security


A More Intimate Sabbath (Religion)

Independant Jewish communities are growing around the country who meet for Sabbath in the homes of their members

Villainy of the Old School (Crime)

British thieves pulled off a heist for the ages last week, but stealing money is becoming a drag


Fashion: Going for Gold (Fashion)

Sex competed with sobriety on Milan's catwalks last week. But Prada's savage look took the top medal

The Red Queen (Dance)

In 1959, Fidel Castro asked Cuba's prima ballerina Alicia Alonso to begin the Cuban National Ballet company--and she still runs it today

7 Favorite Foreign Films (Worth Your Time)

From Italy, Sweden, France and Japan, movies that break the language barrier