The 25 Most Influential Hispanics in America (Cover / The 25 Most Influential Hispanics In America)

From music to politics to business, Hispanics are remaking America. TIME presents 25 titans leading the Latino charge into the 21st century


A Mother And the President

A woman lost her son in Iraq and won't leave George W. Bush alone until he sees her. Who is she, and why is she stirring such emotion?


The Settlers' Lament

As Israel evacuates the Gaza Strip, TIME follows three American-Israeli families who face giving up the lives they have built there. Don't expect all of them to go quietly

Inside Iran's Secret War for Iraq

A TIME investigation reveals the Tehran regime's strategy to gain influence in Iraq--and why U.S. troops may now face greater dangers as a result


Roaring Back

Yellowstone's grizzlies may be taken off the threatened-species list. Are officials being too bullish?


Warren of Rwanda

The best-selling megapastor wants to turn the genocide site into the first purpose-driven nation


Macho Democrats? (Notebook)

The Democrats' new election strategy: men in uniform


Is Luxury the Ticket?

In the midst of a box-office slump, upscale cinemas are bucking the trend with cocktails and VIP seats


What Ever Happened to Ralph Fiennes? (Movies)

No, he hasn't been lost. But after thrilling turns in Schindler's List and The English Patient, he did seem to stray. Now his latest films put him back on track

Books: Less Than a Hero (Books)

Bret Easton Ellis, America's most notorious author, wrote a novel starring himself. How true is it?



The U.N. of Musical Genres

Far from Jamaica, reggae is gaining a slew of new ambassadors as artists from all over try to stir it up.

Q&A 50 Cent

50 Cent's new memoir, From Pieces to Weight, chronicles his evolution from a hustler growing up in Queens, N.Y., to a rap star mentored by Eminem.