Coolest Inventions 2004: Cool Tech (Coolest Inventions 2004)

Three cheers for iPod mania! And that's only the start of our guide to the hottest, newest products in personal tech

Coolest Inventions 2004: Dream Calls (Coolest Inventions 2004)

Today's cell phones shoot video, play music and organize your day. Ignore the sticker shock--most carriers offer fat rebates

Best Video Games: Cool Games (Coolest Inventions 2004)

Friends! Romans! Oddball cosmic princes! In our ranking of 2004's TOP 10 VIDEO GAMES, you will meet them all

Web Shopping Guide: Cool Gifts (Coolest Inventions 2004)

Who's on your holiday list this year? We scoured the Web and found lots of great stuff for kids, adventurers, gardeners, foodies and more. The season for giving is here--so get clicking!


What We'll Miss and What We Won't

Four retiring Senators with 111 years of combined experience in Congress--Democrats Ernest (Fritz) Hollings of South Carolina and John Breaux of Louisiana and Republicans Don Nickles of Oklahoma and B

In Your Face at the CIA

Porter Goss says the CIA needs an overhaul. But is he fixing what's broken--or conducting a purge?

Where Goss Sees Trouble

The CIA's new director sees his job as making sure the agency gets smarter and faster after a string of embarrassing intelligence failures. But is Porter Goss a reformer, or does he just want to enfor

Condi Gets Her Shot

She argued the hard-liners' case on Iraq. But the next Secretary of State remains an ideological puzzle


Wounds That Don't Bleed

How severe stress is taking a toll on U.S. troops in Iraq--and what Washington is doing about it

Hiding In Plain Sight

Why Pakistan still isn't aggressively pursuing the ex--Taliban leaders living inside the country


Cosmic Conundrum

The universe seems uncannily well suited to the existence of life. Could that really be an accident?


Closing The Gap

Many middle-class African-American students are scoring lower than white classmates. But it may be their parents and teachers who need remedial work



Two-For-One Sale

Can Kmart and Sears create a whole new kind of department store?

It's a Family Affair

Murdoch is battling Malone to keep a tight grip on News Corp.--and benefit heirs, if not shareholders


Movies: Let's Talk About Sex (Movies)

At last, a love story for adults. In Closer, Mike Nichols explores the thrilling and damaging effects of passion


Living Like Lincoln (Living)

Sales of log homes are on the rise as Americans seek out a rustic lifestyle


Spicing Up Your Winter Travel (Time Bonus Section December 2004: Generations)

When we asked our wine critic to write about her favorite winter getaways, we counted on sandy beaches galore. Instead her surprising picks will thrill your taste buds and dazzle your senses. From Mor

Social Studies (Time Bonus Section December 2004: Generations)

In her new novel, Susan Isaacs explores the issue of class

Full House Again (Time Bonus Section December 2004: Generations)

A growing number of empty nesters are flinging open their doors to exchange students from abroad

Ask Francine (Time Bonus Section December 2004: Generations)


Q&A Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore, 12, is in Finding Neverland and will be in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory