Tripped Up By History

G.O.P. leader Trent Lott's remarks on race raise a storm and a hot question: Have Republicans really outgrown their past?

The End of Rule by Law

Burned by the scandal of predator priests, Boston's Cardinal steps down. His church's problems go on


Iraq: The Great Scud Hunt (Iraq)

In the last war against Iraq, the U.S. did a poor job of destroying Scuds. If another war comes, the American military aims to do it better and smarter--with Israeli help

Iraq: The Missile Front (Iraq)

In a war with Iraq, the U.S. would probably bring out its new Patriot surface-to-air missile, the PAC-3, which improves upon the flawed PAC-2 used during the Gulf War. The new model promises greater p


The Beluga Blues (Environment)

America's craving for salty, sexy caviar has pushed an ancient sea creature to the brink of extinction





Have It Your Way

From lipsticks to cars, a growing array of products can be custom-made to your own taste--and waist


Crunching the Numbers

Would-be masters meet their match in the Putnam Competition, the world's toughest math test


Holiday Movie Preview: The Pianist (Holiday Movie Preview)

STARRING: Adrien Brody, Frank Finlay, Emilia Fox, Maureen Lipman, Thomas Kretschmann, Julia Rayner DIRECTED BY: Roman Polanski

Tilting at Windmills (Books)

In a new novel, Annie Proulx casts her sharp eye on her beloved and bedeviled Panhandle country

Islam's Prophet Motive (Television)

PBS's Muhammad paints a too rosy picture of a humanitarian faith and its founder

Catfight! (Theater)

Broadway resurrects a famed literary spat


One-Minute Photo

Smile! Cell phone--camera combos are here. Just don't expect perfect pictures

A Smallpox Shot?

The vaccine works but carries real risks. How to tell if you should take it


Speed Reader (Time Bonus Section / Global Business)

New software instantly connects key bits of data that once eluded teams of researchers

Energy: Black Gold (Time Bonus Section / Global Business)

The U.S. is becoming less reliant on Middle Eastern oil, thanks to West Africa

Tobacco: Smoke Screen? (Time Bonus Section / Global Business)

A new lawsuit says cigarette smugglers had a friend in R.J. Reynolds

Fishing for Yield? (Time Bonus Section / Global Business)

Smart investors are buying a class of stock that acts much like a bond, only with more income

CEOs as Pilots (Time Bonus Section / Global Business)

Weary of airline delays and traffic jams, more executives are learning to fly their own planes