Tehran's Game

Iranian meddling in neighboring Afghanistan raises new concerns about an old troublemaker

Inside Arafat's Bunker

Under virtual house arrest, the Palestinian leader is playing brave but quietly fretting over his future

Where Danger Lurks

Mopping up in Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers discover the country remains a risky place


Enron Spoils the Party (The Enron Spillover)

Bush wants his State of the Union speech to drown out those stories linking the disgraced company and the White House

Under The Microscope (The Enron Spillover)

After Enron, investors are looking more skeptically at companies whose bookkeeping seems confusing

Anthrax: The Hunt Narrows

New revelations tarnish a top U.S. biodefense lab--and may provide important clues about the killer

The Enron Players (The Enron Spillover)

A humbling resignation and hearings in Congress for Andersen executives (with an audience cameo by The Sopranos' Lorraine Bracco) fueled last week's intrigue


To Test Or Not To Test? (Medicine)

The mammogram wars are raging again. The facts aren't all in yet, but don't cancel your appointment


U.S. v. Lindh, Round 1

The government thinks it can put the American Talib away for life. But did it deprive him of a lawyer?

Test Drive

A new law has made test-prep firms the hottest teacher's aid. But are students really getting better?

Fighting Words

Can a tenured professor be fired for his pro-Muslim views? In a post-Sept. 11 America, all bets are off


Playing It Safe (Winter Olympics 2002)

Troops, technology and $300 million are teaming up to turn the Winter Olympics into a terror-free zone


Stun Guns For Everyone

Are tasers the ultimate in self-defense or tools of torture? A new model for consumers sparks debate



From Davos To New York (Essay)

For champions of globalization, a Manhattan thoroughfare offers more than falafel


Cinema: Sex, Lies And Mothmen (The Arts / Cinema)

Movies released in January are usually duds, but these three would be worth seeing any time of year

How To Fail In Movies (The Arts / Show Business)

Three insider studies of the film business offer brutal lessons about three heartbreaking jobs