The Plot Comes Into Focus (The War On Terror / The Investigation)

A low-profile, even meager lifestyle allowed 19 hijackers to blend into the American tapestry. Does this mean others are still out there?

Backlash: As American As... (The War On Terror / Backlash)

Although scapegoated, Muslims, Sikhs and Arabs are patriotic, integrated--and growing

We Will Not Fail (The War On Terror)

Faced with a new enemy, Bush finds a new strategy--and a powerful voice

The Taliban Troubles (The War On Terror / Afghanistan)

A nation cursed by a violent past now ponders the costs of an even bloodier future

Wartime Recession? (The War On Terror / The Economy)

A war is supposed to throw a life preserver to a floundering economy. This one is sinking it

Terror Weapons: The Next Threat? (The War On Terror / Terror Weapons)

Experts agree we don't need to worry about an anthrax attack yet. But we should be prepared

Roots Of Rage (The War On Terror / Why The Hate?)

Grievances over U.S. policy in the Middle East combined with Islamic triumphalism make a toxic mix

Tending The Wounds (The War On Terror / Life Resumes)

The initial shock of the World Trade Center attack has passed. But as Americans return to work, to school and (gingerly) to play, the impact of the disaster on everyday life is just beginning to be fe

What's Entertainment Now? (The War On Terror / The Culture)

The attacks have shaken pop culture's sense of what's funny, thrilling and acceptable