Lone Star Rising

George W. Bush is so far ahead in the race for the G.O.P. nomination, some call him a sure bet. While he decides whether to run, he's running hard

A Burning in Alabama

The savage murder of a gay man stuns a state where hate-crime laws do not protect homosexuals

Without Guilt?

Italians are shocked by the acquittal of a Marine pilot stuns


The Calm After the Storm

Once upon a time, a President was forced from office. In an excerpt from Years of Renewal, the former Secretary of State offers a front-row seat to one of America's greatest crises

A Realist Faces Reality

The Ford years don't make a rollicking read, but Kissinger's memoirs draw some smart lessons


TV's Treasure Hunt (The Arts/Television)

The PBS hit Antiques Roadshow is U.S. history writ small. There's a story--and a price--for everything

Mean Pills (The Arts/Cinema)

A teenage twist on an old tale of sexual combat

The Kids Are All Right (The Arts/Cinema)

Don't tell the clerics, but Iranian films sparkle with wisdom, ambiguity and movie magic

Bougie Like Me (The Arts/Books)

A color-struck look at the black upper class

Corrupt Practices (The Arts/Books)

John le Carre's new novel offers a gripping tour of global crime

What Comes Natur'lly (The Arts/Theater)

Bernadette Peters returns to the stage to give Annie Get Your Gun a sparkling makeover

The Year of the Hare (The Arts/Show Business)

The playwright behind the sizzling Blue Room returns with two new shows--and a starring role

200 Cigarettes (The Arts/Short Takes/Cinema)

Directed by Risa Bramon Garcia

Jazz In Film (The Arts/Short Takes/Music)

Terence Blanchard

Rock Of Ages (The Arts/Short Takes/Television)

VH1, Mondays 10 p.m.


The Bleeding Heart of Africa

The gruesome deaths of eight tourists in Uganda are fresh signs of the continent's violent political meltdown


Ralph's Rough Ride

Forgetting the company's past triumphs, investors now see Polo as a stock that's slightly out of fashion. But don't count Lauren out


Video Games Get Trashed (Technology)

Now that PCs can be turned into PlayStations, the Internet is flooded with free--and illegal--games

Tae-Bo or Not Tae-Bo? (Fitness)

A hot workout. A ubiquitous infomercial. But has the trendy new fitness routine been oversold?

Make Room for Daddy (Family)

After years of coaching men how to be good fathers, Armin Brott argues that Dad still gets no respect



An Unwise Rise (Personal Time/Your Money)

Inflation? Where? How to cope with a paranoid bond market that's raising the price of money

Fun with E-Mail (Personal Time/Your Technology)

It's not just for messaging. Create mailing lists for the masses and play Scrabble with a pal

Unkindest Cut? (Personal Time/Your Health)

A new report says circumcision isn't as helpful--or as horrible--as you might have heard