Rough Justice (Nation/The Law)

The Attorney General has powerful new tools to fight terrorism. Has he gone too far?

Just A Few Questions (Nation/The Interviews)

The Attorney General wants 5,000 Arabs here to come in for a chat. Is this the way to fight terrorism?


Reinventing The Wheel (Technology)

Here "it" is: the inside story of the secret invention that so many are buzzing about. Could this thing really change the world?

Back In The Fast Lane (Sports)

Erik Schlopy had to quit the U.S. ski team to become a better skier. Odd decision. Good choice


Why Movies Make Readers (Personal Time/Your Family)

When a book becomes a movie, a child's relationship to the page does not have to suffer. Quite the opposite

A Better Way To Give A Heart (Personal Time/Your Health)

Most Americans say they want to donate their organs when they die, but few actually do. Here's one solution


Where Are The Bargains Now? (TIME Bonus Section/Your Business/Forecast)

TIME's board of money managers sees POCKETS OF VALUE in a stock market that still looks expensive by many traditional measures

Suddenly Loyalty Is Back In Business (TIME Bonus Section/Your Business/Management)

Amid the slump, smart companies are boosting profits by cultivating loyalty among workers and customers alike


Hunting Osama (World/The War)

U.S. forces' top goal remains getting al-Qaeda leaders. Smoking them out is not proving easy

Inside The Battle At Qala-I-Jangi (World/TIME Exclusive/Qala-I-Jangi)

From a ruined 19th century fortress, correspondent ALEX PERRY records the crushing of a Taliban revolt

How Do They See Us Now? (World/Public Opinion)

Arab media have moderated their anti-U.S. vitriol. But the propaganda war is far from won

Who's More Arrogant? (Essay)

In Islam vs. the West, what's needed is an examination of conscience on both sides


Power Failure

As Enron crashes, angry workers and shareholders ask, Where were the firm's directors? The regulators? The stock analysts?


Survival Of The Fittest (The Arts/Books)

Mario Vargas Llosa's harrowing novel about the brutal reign of the Dominican strong man Trujillo

Victory In The Trenches (The Arts/Cinema)

Soldiers, peacekeepers and journalists all come together in the emotionally potent No Man's Land

G'bye, Garth (The Arts/Music)

He says this album is his last. Is it a fitting epitaph?

Battlefield Promotion (The Arts/Television)

As viewers go for familiar comforts in uncomfortable times, TV's least-cool hit moves up in the ranks

Ocean's Eleven (The Arts/Short Takes/Cinema)

Directed by Steven Soderbergh