A Day Without Cats on the Internet

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In the inexplicable back alleys of the Internet, the cat is king. Images of the beloved household pet have become so pervasive online that they're now something like digital kudzu, in ur internet, cloging ur tubes.

Someone had to hold the line against the mewing hordes. That's why the folks at the Web humor site Urlesque have declared Sept. 9 "A Day Without Cats Online." More than 40 blogs and websites have agreed to say no más to the mousers, banning cats from their pages for at least 24 hours.

Urlesque managing editor Kelly Reeves says they took their cue from commentators who were tired of feline humor and cooked up the online holiday as a way to provide relief. They've gotten some big-name websites on board, including NPR, Best Week Ever and PetSugar. But Reeves says Urlesque's ban has also awoken a vocal feline-defense movement. The Web's leading distributor of cat humor, ICanHazCheeseburger, even made a video to rally defenders to the feline cause.

Want to participate? Urlesque has a YouTube video and a page explaining the ban, but the easiest way is to keep your LOLs as far away from cats as you can on Sept. 9. Urlesque even took a poll to find an underplayed animal that is deserving of a day in the sun. The winner? Bunnies.

Watch Urlesque's video message here: