The Strange Behavior of Johnny Knoxville

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Nursing a hangover — what else is new? — actor and head jackass Johnny Knoxville is tooling around Texas when he calls in to TIME's Jeffrey Ressner to discuss his new hit sequel, his life and his loves. Jackass 2, which cost around $12 million to make, earned $29 million in its first weekend.

TIME: How are you dealing with the reviews this time around?

J.K.: I'm just basking in the glory. Depending on how you felt about the first movie, this one is either way better or way worse.

Who are your inspirations?

I love Buster Keaton. We also watched a lot of cartoons while writing Jackass 2 like Road Runner and Tom & Jerry. I saw one where Tom puts on a blindfold and a bull comes along and just smokes him. I thought it was a pretty good idea for the movie, so we got an 1,800-pound yak to do the same to me.

What's the worst stunt you've done that went wrong?

Well, if they go right you never see them. They have to go wrong. I'm pretty proud of the one in the movie where I ride a rocket like Wile E. Coyote and it explodes. A foot-long metal rod shot out of the side, and if had been four inches to the right it would have gone through me. That made a good bit.

How much damage did you inflict on yourself while making Jackass 2?

I've got a torn rotator cuff now, probably from the yak or the bull. Nothing's broken. But considering I almost bought it twice in the film, I'm in good shape.

Another person who flirted with death was the late Steve Irwin. How did his death affect you?

It upset me and all the guys. We were huge fans. But that's what he wanted to do and how he lived his life. He went out doing what he loved. It's a shame because of his kids, but it's like policemen and firemen who go to work and don't know if they're ever coming home. I probably won't go out in a very peaceful manner either.

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