Captured: Iraq's Former Prime Minister

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Mohammed Hamza Zubaidi, the former Prime Minister of Iraq and one of the Pentagon's most wanted, was captured in an evening raid Monday in the central Iraq town of Hillah. A brigade of the Free Iraqi Forces, working with a U.S. Army Special Ops team took Zubaidi from a safe house near the ancient city of Babylon at 9:30 p.m. "Zubaidi has a lot to tell, he's on the list," confirms a Pentagon official in Baghdad. Though now estranged from Saddam Hussein's inner circle, Zubaidi, says a FIF commander, "might have some information about weapons of mass destruction."

He is also a suspected war criminal. "We have a videotape of him torturing and shooting prisoners in Nasariyah after the uprising of 1991," says the FIF commander, referring to footage acquired from Iraq after the first Gulf War.