Enough to Impeach?

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THE CHARGE1 Concealed evidence about his relationship with MonicaLewinsky, including gifts they exchangedKEY EVIDENCELewinsky and Betty Currie testified that Currie drove toLewinsky's home to collect gifts on Dec. 28, 1997. According toLewinsky, Currie said, The President said you have something togive me.THE CHARGE2 Helped Lewinsky, a potential witness in the Paula Jonestrial, obtain a job in New York CityKEY EVIDENCEClinton's involvement in the job search intensified immediatelyafter Lewinsky was named a witness. He enlisted the aid ofVernon Jordan, who told him, after she got an offer, Missionaccomplished.THE CHARGE3 Lied to potential grand-jury witnesses, knowing they wouldeventually pass on the falsehoodsKEY EVIDENCEAides John Podesta, Erskine Bowles, Sidney Blumenthal and HaroldIckes testified that Clinton confided to them that he had had nosexual relationship with Lewinsky, including oral sex.THE CHARGE4 Had an understanding with Lewinsky that they would lie in theJones case; colluded with her on her false affidavitKEY EVIDENCEReport says Clinton and Lewinsky reviewed cover stories thather trips to the Oval Office were to see Currie or to drop offletters. Lewinsky testified that Clinton suggested she sign theaffidavit.THE WHITE HOUSE VERSIONThe President's lawyers say Lewinsky's claims about the giftscontradict Clinton's and Currie's testimony. Neither rememberedthe President's telling Currie to pick up gifts, some of whichLewinsky kept. Lawyer David Kendall says Clinton never toldLewinsky to lie and that Starr fails to prove Clinton intendedto obstruct justice. He says Currie initiated Jordan'sinvolvement in the job search and that there was no connectionbetween the affidavit and job offers. He says Currie andLewinsky were friends, so the cover stories weren't covers at all.THE CHARGE5 Lied under oath in his deposition in the Jones case about hissexual relationship with LewinskyKEY EVIDENCEIn his deposition, Clinton said he never had sexual relationswith Lewinsky. But she told the grand jury he touched hergenitals or breasts on 10 occasions.PAGE 1  |  
THE CHARGE6 Lied to the Kenneth Starr grand jury about his sexualrelationship with LewinskyKEY EVIDENCEQuestioned about Lewinsky's testimony, Clinton said he stood byhis statement that he had never had sexual relations, evenwhen asked if that included touching of breasts or genitals.THE CHARGE7 Lied in his deposition about being alone with Lewinsky andabout the gifts they exchangedKEY EVIDENCEClinton admitted to the grand jury that he had been alone withLewinsky and had given her gifts just three weeks before thedeposition, even though he couldn't recall gifts during thedeposition itself.THE CHARGE8 Lied in his deposition about discussions with Lewinsky overwhether she would testify in the Jones caseKEY EVIDENCEIn his deposition, Clinton said he wasn't sure whether he andLewinsky discussed her testifying. But he told the grand jurythey did have a conversation about it shortly before thedeposition.THE CHARGE9 Lied in his deposition about his discussions with Jordanconcerning LewinskyKEY EVIDENCEThough Clinton said in his deposition that he didn't know Jordanhad talked with Lewinsky about the Jones case, Jordan told thegrand jury Clinton thanked him for finding her a lawyer in thecase.THE WHITE HOUSE VERSIONIn Friday and Saturday rebuttals, Clinton's attorneys say hedidn't perjure himself and that Starr includes supposed examplesof lies about sex only for shock value. They say some of thequestions he was asked were ambiguous and that he gavenarrow, not false, answers in response. They point out thatone other person's testimony isn't enough for a perjuryconviction. And they say Starr never proves that Clintonintended to lie--a requirement for perjury. One rebuttal saysStarr's real complaint about Clinton's gifts testimony is thathe was not more forthcoming, which doesn't count as perjury.Perhaps realizing all this sounds like hairsplitting, lawyerCharles Ruff told reporters that legal language doesn'tdiminish the President's apologies.THE CHARGE10 Attempted to influence Currie's testimonyKEY EVIDENCECurrie told the grand jury that Clinton called her in on aSunday and asked her leading questions, such as, I nevertouched her, right? She said he seemed concerned and wantedto see her reaction.THE WHITE HOUSE VERSIONCurrie was never supposed to be a witness in the Jones case, sotalking with her wasn't tampering. And anyway, as the Presidenttestified, he never intended to influence her recollection.THE CHARGE11 Abused his constitutional authority in order to help coverup his relationship with LewinskyKEY EVIDENCEClinton abused his power, says the report, by using publicdenials, lies to the White House staff and the doctrine ofExecutive Privilege to delay the investigation.THE WHITE HOUSE VERSIONFailing to admit wrongdoing for a time isn't abusing power. Andthe Executive Privilege assertion wasn't frivolous because Starrwas intruding into legitimate confidential discussions.  |  PAGE 2