Q&A: Hsu Chi

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STEPHEN SHORT and JUDY TANTaiwan-born Hsu Chi, 22, gained attention as a teenager when she appeared nude in her first film. Now a rising celebrity of the Hong Kong cinema, she stars in the latest Jackie Chan release, Gorgeous.Q: Which do you prefer, Hong Kong or Taiwan?
A: I don't like either of them. I think that when I'm 30 I can decide where to be.

Q: If you weren't an actress what would you be?
A: Someone's wife.

Q: Can you cook?
A: Yes, very well.

Q: What's your best dish then?
A: Curried chicken and braised fish.

Q: Do you wish you could speak other languages?
A: I want to learn English so that I can talk to lots of people and learn Japanese so that I can make lots of yen. But I think having Mandarin and Cantonese is enough because I am exhausted already. I've thought of learning English for a long time, but it's just too difficult. I'm also lazy sometimes.

Q: What scares you?
A: I fear for everything and I fear for nothing. Above all, I'm very independent.

Q: You don't strike me as a very sporty person. Do you play any sport?
A: No, not at all.

Q: Do you work out, keep fit?
A: No. I don't. And I don't diet either.

Q: Do you smoke or gamble, do you have any sins?
A: Well ...

Q: You drink?
A: I drink. I discussed my character for my next film with Stanley Kwan over drinks. I love to drink.

Q: Hard alcohol?
A: Yes.

Q: How much?
A: Every day.