Q&A: Ann Hui

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STEPHEN SHORTHong Kong film director Ann Hui's Ordinary Heroes will open the Hong Kong Film Festival on March 31.

Q: What do you think of the possibility of Disney coming to Hong Kong?
A: Are they? I hadn't heard.

Q: Where have you been hiding?
A: I've been very busy. Busy with teaching.

Q: Teaching film?
A: No. English to Hong Kong Chinese students.

Q: How do you find the time?
A: I have to because I need the money. I'm broke.

Q: You and me both. What does Tung Chee-hwa do for you? Do you like him?
A: Well, he doesn't seem committed enough, and his people don't advise him very well. On the whole, though, I would say he's got a very good face.

Q: You think those puffy eyelids and pudgy cheeks are cute?
A: Well ...

Q: It's quite a warm face.
A: Yes, it is.

Q: And cosy too?
A: Yes, quite cosy. Let's just say I think he has a nice face.

Q: Speaking of cute, why are Hong Kongers so obsessed with fluffy icons?
A: They need them. It's like medieval times when people worshiped the crucifix. All humans get attached to symbols.

Q: So Disney is their religion?
A: Young Hong Kongers don't have time to think now. They ski, they travel, and so they need to have something.

Q: Do you do enough thinking?
A: I do now. I'm comfortable. It's an age thing. I find I'm returning to Zen, reading books.

Q: What sort?
A: Economics. I'd love to know what the papers have been saying every day for the last two years.