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HILARY ROXEDIED. JEAN-PASCAL DELAMURAZ,62, long-serving Swiss politician whose 1996 comments that Jewish demands for swift compensation to Holocaust survivors amounted to extortion and blackmail stirred international protests; in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Radical Democrat from the nation's French-speaking west wheeled through local and then national government ranks, serving two one-year terms in the rotating presidency, in 1989 and 1996.DIED. MYRON SCOTT,91, ex-news photographer who created the All-American Soap Box Derby; in Kettering, Ohio. In 1933, Scott snapped pictures of local boys racing downhill in homemade box-shaped carts and, struck by their delight, organized the first Derby later that year. General Motors picked up sponsorship of the event, and Scott took a job with the car giant soon after. His impact on American culture continued when, inspired by the term for a swift British warship, he christened what would become one of Chevrolet's most famous vehicles, the Corvette, in 1953.ARRESTED. MASUMI HAYASHI,37, and her husband KENJI, 53, on allegations ranging from fraud to attempted murder; in Wakayama, Japan. When a guest was hospitalized hours after eating at the couple's home last fall, police surmised his meal had been laced with arsenic. Masumi, an ex-insurance saleswoman, held a policy on the diner's behalf and stood to receive nearly $1 million if he died. As police scour the couple's yard for evidence of arsenic, they will examine whether the Hayashis can be linked to the July curry poisoning that killed four and afflicted 63 others only meters from their home, or to a string of poisonings elsewhere in the region.KENJI,CHOSEN. EMILE LAHOUD,62, dashing Lebanese army commander, to be the country's next President; in Beirut. The western-educated Maronite Catholic was backed by outgoing President Elias Hrawi and his Syrian counterpart Hafez Assad, who has 35,000 troops stationed within Lebanese borders, for welding together an army divided into Christian and Muslim militias and spurning a former Prime Minister's war of liberation against Syria. The one-time national swimming champion is now assured of parliamentary endorsement this week.WAIVED.Parliamentary immunity ofJEAN-MARIE LE PEN,70, outspoken founder of France's xenophobic National Front; in Brussels, Belgium. The European Parliament, of which the pugnacious nationalist is a member, voted to open the way for a Bavarian court to pursue charges of trivializing the Holocaust for Le Pen's remark in Munich last year that Nazi gas chambers were merely a detail of history. While a similar assertion led a French court to order him to pay $180,000 in 1991, Germany's strict legislation against belittling Nazi crimes could leave the politician with a five-year jail term.ACQUITTED. IMELDA MARCOS,69, Philippine former First Lady, of corruption charges involving her late husband's government; in Manila. The woman who owned 15 mink coats when the 20-year Marcos presidency was felled by a 1986 revolution, was sentenced to 12 years in prison, fined and freed on bail five years ago. Her alleged co-conspirator, a former government minister, was exonerated in January. Mrs. Marcos still faces a $5 million U.S. tax bill and other corruption charges at home.