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HILARY ROXEARRESTED. STEVAN TODOROVIC,41, former Bosnian Serb police chief indicted by the international war crimes court in July 1995 on 15 counts of wartime atrocities; in Bosanski Samac, Bosnia. Todorovic, whose face circulated on international wanted posters for three years, commuted daily past an American-staffed military base on nato-patrolled roads. nato forces picked up the former business executive just before U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen's one-day tour of Bosnia.RESIGNED. MIKE MCCURRY,43, bantering White House spokesman whose often cheeky rapport with the media during his three-and-a-half-year term ended last week; in Washington. The Princeton-educated former press secretary to such distinguished politicians as Bruce Babbitt and Lloyd Bentsen will be remembered for loosening camera restrictions in White House briefings and for railing against boorish reporting.RESIGNATION ANNOUNCED. RICHARD LEAKEY,55, legless paleontologist and Kenyan Member of Parliament; in Nairobi, Kenya. Famed for unearthing Turkana Boy--the nearly complete 1.6-million-year-old remains of a Homo erectus youth, in the Rift Valley in 1984--Leakey helped establish an opposition party, Safina, to counter President Daniel arap Moi and was elected to Parliament last December. The conservationist will step down to direct the Kenya Wildlife Service, a post he held from 1989 to 1994, when his no-nonsense management included burning a $2.5 million pyre of confiscated ivory and instituting a shoot-to-kill policy against poachers.FIRED. BORIS FYODOROV,40, brash and blunt Russian former chief tax collector and top economic policymaker whose allegiance to the free market and desire to crack down on tax transgressors made him one of the last Western-leaning reformists in the government; in Moscow. Appointed in May, the former Finance Minister immediately announced an audit of the country's 1,000 richest citizens (himself included), and later targeted Russia's biggest tax debtor, the government-coddled natural gas monopoly Gazprom.DIED. TOM BRADLEY,80, poker-faced ex-mayor of Los Angeles whose 20-year tenure spanned the successful hosting of the 1984 Olympics and the devastating racial division of a nation after the 1991 release of a videotape of police beating black motorist Rodney King; in Los Angeles. The son of Texas sharecroppers, Bradley, L.A.'s first black mayor, was known for his behind-the-scenes guidance and for the growth of the city's skyline during his tenure. In 1989 his integrity was clouded by ambiguous financial transactions, and he ended his political career in 1993 dealing with problems caused by the breakneck speed at which the city expanded.DIED. FIAMMA DI SAN GIULIANO FERRAGAMO,57, archetypal designer whose elegant shoes and leatherwear graced catwalks and country clubs around the world; in Florence, Italy. For more than 40 years, the eldest of Salvatore Ferragamo's five children worked to help transform her father's one-time custom shoemaking business into a global fashion force. Ferragamo, who took pride in the comfort of her shoes and boasted the bowed Vara pump as her model of choice, also designed the recipe for a marmalade now sold in Japan.Two decades ago, Poland's Karol Wojtyla became the first non-Italian Pope in 455 years. His powerful personality and tireless traveling have given a global presence unrivaled in Vatican history.White smoke was still billowing from the makeshift Sistine Chapel chimney when Pericle Cardinal Felici stepped out on the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica ... More than 100,000 people waited expectantly below the balcony. 'I announce to you a great joy ... We have a Pope!' The crowd roared, then hushed to hear the name. Savoring the suspense, Felici drew out the announcement ... 'Ca-ro-lum ... Cardinelem Woy-jt-yla ... who has taken the name of John Paul' ... It seemed to hit everyone at once ... 'Un Papa straniero!'--a foreign Pope ... The realization was beginning to sink in that the supposedly hidebound College of Cardinals had done not merely the unexpected but the nearly unthinkable.--TIME, Oct. 30, 1978