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HANNAH BEECHEXTRADITED. NADA SAKIC,72, alleged guard at Croatia's most notorious World War II concentration camp and wife of ex-camp commander Dinko Sakic; from Argentina, where she and her husband had lived for more than 50 years; to Zagreb, Croatia. Thousands of Jews, Serbs and Gypsies were killed in Croatia's Nazi puppet-state, but Sakic's husband contends that inmates at the Jasenovac complex died of disease or natural causes.ARRESTED. REMIGIO HUAMAN ORE,alias Joel, ardent Peruvian revolutionary, whose Tupac Amaru group grabbed headlines in 1996 by raiding the Japanese ambassador's residence in Lima and holding 72 hostages for more than four months, after a raid of the rebels' central jungle hideout; near Pichinaqui, Peru. Once drawing strength from some 1,000 fighters, Tupac Amaru's might has dwindled to a few dozen rebels, and two top leaders are living in exile abroad.IDENTIFIED. THOMAS JEFFERSON,enigmatic third President of the U.S., as the father of at least one child with his longtime slave Sally Hemings, by a genetic test that matched Jefferson's DNA with that of a descendant of Hemings' youngest son; in the science journal Nature. Rumors of Jefferson's affair with Hemings surfaced nearly 200 years ago, and proof of the liaison left historians with a paradoxical portrait of a man who publicly denounced racial mixing yet practiced it in his private life.DIED. STANISLAV ZHUK,63, hard-nosed Russian figure-skating coach, whose strict training methods turned out some of the former Soviet Union's top pairs-skaters; in Moscow. During his tenure, Zhuk's regimen enabled the Soviet Union to dominate at the winter Olympics, but pairs-skater Ekaterina Gordeeva later portrayed him as an alcoholic, abusive coach, who expected sexual favors from female students.DIED. BOB KANE,83, self-described doodler, who created comic-book mainstay Batman; in Los Angeles. For 58 years, Kane pitted his winged superhero against wily villains like Catwoman, the Penguin and Mr. Freeze, and he later served as creative consultant for the highly popular film series.KILLED. HELMER HERRERA,47, imprisoned ex-Cali-cartel drug trafficker, by a gunman while playing soccer in a prison yard; in Cali, Colombia. Herrera, who controlled the flow of cocaine and laundered money into New York City during the 1980s, was rated as the cartel's No. 3 boss before he surrendered to police in 1996.SENTENCED. PATRIZIA REGGIANI GUCCI,50, flamboyant ex-wife of fashion heir Maurizio Gucci, to 29 years' imprisonment for her husband's 1995 murder; in Milan. The bejeweled socialite's personal psychic, the hired hitman and two other accomplices were also handed long sentences. Reggiani blamed her astrologer for ordering Gucci's murder and then blackmailing her because Reggiani had publicly wished her husband dead.SENTENCED. JACK KEVORKIAN,70, adamant advocate of assisted suicide, who has helped some 120 terminally-ill patients end their lives, to two years' probation and a $900 fine for misdemeanor assault and resisting arrest; in Royal Oak, Michigan. The ruling marks the first time Kevorkian has been convicted since starting his eight-year-long crusade to legalize doctor-assisted suicide.