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HANNAH BEECHDIED. VERE HARMSWORTH,73, last heir to a British press empire, who transformed the languishing Daily Mail into a gutsy tabloid; in London. Following undistinguished stints at Eton and in the army, Harmsworth, who later inherited the title Viscount Rothermere, returned to the family fold and turned his father's ailing Associated Newspapers into a highly profitable firm by focusing on middle-class readers.DIED. REX,13, White House pooch during the Reagan years; in Bel Air, California. The King Charles Cavalier spaniel took his job as Oval Office guard dog seriously, standing at attention whenever guests arrived to meet the President.EXECUTED. MOHAMED ABU-SULTAN,25, andRAED ABU-SULTAN,24, convicted murderous siblings, making them the first criminals subjected to capital punishment under four years of Palestinian self-rule; in Gaza City. The brothers were brought before a firing squad two days after they gunned down another pair of brothers in a family feud.SENTENCED. JEAN KAMBANDA,42, former Prime Minister of Rwanda, who oversaw the 1994 massacre of more than 500,000 Rwandans, to life imprisonment for genocide and crimes against humanity; by the United Nations tribunal charged with prosecuting atrocities in Rwanda. Although Kambanda makes history as the first person ever to plead guilty to genocide before an international court, he has never apologized for his government's complicity in the butchering of minority Tutsis and moderate Hutus.SENTENCED. ADRIAN CARRERA FUENTES,55, former Mexican national police chief, to six years' imprisonment for money laundering; in Mexico City. Carrera Fuentes admitted to accepting about $1 million in bribes from a drug trafficker intent on slipping his Colombian cocaine into the country. The six-year sentence adds to a four-year term Carrera Fuentes garnered earlier for torturing a murder case suspect as head of Mexico's prison system in the early 1990s.UNDER INVESTIGATION. HAROLD ICKES,U.S. ex-presidential aide who helped secure Bill Clinton a second term, for allegedly lying to the Senate about campaign-finance impropriety; under orders from Attorney General Janet Reno. The inquiry into whether the former White House deputy chief of staff doled out questionable political favors to the cash-rich Teamsters union came just days after Reno launched a similar investigation into Vice President Al Gore's part in securing funding for a 1996 advertising campaign.DISCOVERED. A NEW STRAIN OF HIV,which could go undetected in present blood tests; by French researchers. The virus variant, which was found in a woman from Cameroon who died in 1995, is extremely rare and probably leapfrogged to humans from a simian version of the disease.As Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa went to bat to break Roger Maris' home run record, there were many baseball fans who still regarded , the title holder for 34 years, as the greatest player of all time.A rollicking, muffin-headed giant with the slender legs of a showgirl, Ruth was the finest baseball player who ever lived. As a pitcher with the Boston Red Sox, he won 46 games in two seasons, pitched 29 consecutive scoreless World Series innings... As an outfielder, he joined a Yankee club that had no ballpark and had never won a pennant... Babe Ruth's booming bat brought new virility and respectability [to baseball]. Even when he struck out, Ruth was impressive... But when he connected he gave baseball its biggest moments. Nobody ever hit a ball so hard... In all, Ruth set or tied 54 major league records.--TIME, Sept. 29, 1961