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HANNAH BEECHDIED. OLIVER REED,61, rakish British actor, whose swashbuckling onscreen exploits were matched by equally hellraising real-life episodes; in Malta. Despite his boozy reputation--he once claimed to have knocked back 136 pints of beer in two days--Reed approached acting with relish, whether playing a malevolent rogue in Oliver! or a provocative seducer in Women in Love.BANNED. MOHAMMED DAOUD OUDEH,63, controversial member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, who admitted responsibility for the bloody hostage-taking of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics; from entering France, where he remains on an unwanted list. Oudeh, better known by his nom-de-guerre Abu Daoud, was on a book tour touting his memoir, which defends the Munich attack as a way of attracting international attention to the Palestinian cause.CHARGED. DAVID COPELAND,22, English engineer, with planting a string of brutal nail bombs that killed three people and injured more than 100 in London last month; at the West London magistrates' court. The three explosions were detonated in neighborhoods frequented by ethnic minorities and gays, but authorities allege Copeland worked alone without the help of extremist hate groups.ASYLUM REQUESTED.ByRIGOBERTO HERRERA BETANCOURT,54, veteran Cuban pitching coach, after the island nation's baseball team trounced the host Baltimore Orioles in a landmark matchup between representatives of two of the world's top baseball-playing countries; at a Baltimore police station. In a welcome-home ceremony for the victorious national team, President Fidel Castro criticized American sports agents for waving fat paychecks at Cubans to entice them to defect, but he did not mention Herrera's disappearing act.FOUND. LIBERTY BELL 7,one-man spacecraft that splashed into history as the only American space capsule lost after a successful mission; at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the Bahamas. The craft, which carried Virgil Gus Grissom on a suborbital flight in 1961, sank after explosive bolts detonated and opened the hatch prematurely. Grissom, who died six years later in a launchpad fire, denied he had panicked and caused the mishap.RESIGNED. AYDIN MENDERES,moderate voice in Turkey's pro-Islamist Virtue Party, after a fellow party member wore a banned Muslim headscarf into parliament; in Ankara. Wearing the controversial headcovering in public institutions is illegal in secular Turkey, and the move by newly elected deputy Merve Kavakci could get the country's third-biggest party outlawed.