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HANNAH BEECHDIED. ARCHIE MOORE,84, charismatic boxing legend, whose 27-year career spanned bouts with Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali; in San Diego. The durable light-heavyweight champ knocked out nearly 150 opponents in his career, more than any other pugilist, and remained ringside long after his retirement, helping George Foreman train for his African Rumble in the Jungle against Ali in 1974.DIED. CESAR BALDACCINI,77, French contemporary sculptor, whose compressed cars and giant thumbs elicited equal amounts of admiration and scorn; in Paris. Although he made his living by twisting chunks of scrap metal into industrial artwork, the Italian-immigrant's son gained enduring fame for a more diminutive sculpture: the trophy for a French equivalent to the Oscar, now known simply as the Cesar.ACCQUITTED. FAEZEH HASHEMI,publisher of a fledgling Irani women's newspaper and daughter of former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, of press-law violations; in Tehran. Hashemi, who has angered Islamists by condemning the practice of stoning alleged adulterers and by suggesting women should be allowed to bicycle in public, was sued by judiciary and security officials for, among other things, publishing an article alleging police complicity in recent attacks against a pair of cabinet ministers. Journalists supportive of moderate President Mohammed Khatami have suffered a rash of arrests, jailings and bans spearheaded by Iran's conservative judiciary.CONVICTED. NASSER NTEGE SEBAGGALA,51, mayor of Uganda's capital city, of defrauding a Boston bank of almost $200,000 by depositing fake checks and lying to American customs officials about the amount of money he carried into the country; by a federal court in Boston. U.S. attorneys alleged that Kampala's first democratically elected mayor financed his campaign with bad checks, but Sebaggala's lawyers maintain political rivals orchestrated the arrest.ELECTED. RUTH DREIFUSS,58, outspoken Swiss Interior Minister, as the nation's first Jewish and first female President; in Bern. Although the post is largely ceremonial, Dreifuss' ascendancy represents large strides for a nation where women gained suffrage only in 1971 and where a government report--commissioned amid debate over whether to compensate Holocaust victims--found that 10% of the population hold anti-Semitic views.RE-ELECTED. OMAR BONGO,63, longtime ruler of oil-rich Central African republic Gabon, as President. Opponents, including Father Paul Mba Abessole of the National Lumberjacks Rally, blasted the polls as fixed, alleging that Bongo, whose 31-year-rule has been democratically validated by only one election, in 1993, did not have enough support to garner the officially reported 66.5% of the vote. Surveys a week before the election predicted that just 50% of the vote would go to Bongo, which would have forced a second vote.DON'T BRING ME DOWN: Destruction seems to be a natural human impulse. We asked our panel of architects which buildings they wish were still around:Philip Johnson, designer of the Glass House, New Canaan, Connecticut: Let us resurrect my four favorite people places: in New York, Pennsylvania Station; in Paris, Les Halles; in London, the Crystal Palace; in Tokyo, Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel. I knew them well and continue to mourn their demolition.Rafael Moneo, Pritzker Prize winner and architect for the new extension to Houston's Museum of Fine Arts: The Library at Alexandria [in Egypt]. I very much would like to see how people in those years understood what an active public space should be.Maya Lin, sculptor, furniture designer and architect of Washington's Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Pennsylvania Station in New York City, which I only know from photographs but which remains to me one of the great architectural losses of our time.