The Hit List

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Vladimir Gusinsky, 48
Chairman of Media-MOST holding company
Prosecutor general's office accuses him of embezzling $10 million in state funds. Gusinsky says the Kremlin seeks to change ownership of ntv television company, his prize possession.

Rem Vyakhirev, 66
Chairman of gas monopoly Gazprom
It repaid a $211 million bank loan made to Media-MOST and guaranteed another $170 million loan to mature next year. Prosecutor says this hurt state interests. Gazprom pledges full cooperation with the investigation.

Vladimir Potanin, 38
President of Interros holding company
Prosecutor wants him to pay the state $140 million compensation for his purchase of Norilsk Nickel when it was privatized in 1995. Potanin suggests the case "be examined by a court of arbitration."

Vagit Alekperov, 50
President of major oil producer Lukoil
Federal tax police accuse the company of tax fraud worth some $500 million. Lukoil says all its taxes had been paid, and that the state in fact owes it $71.5 million in refunds for value-added tax.

Vladimir Kadannikov, 59
Chairman of the huge car maker AvtoVAZ and former First Deputy Premier
Tax police say AvtoVAZ concealed $600 million in taxes by churning out 280,000 cars with false ID numbers. Kadannikov calls the allegations "plain stupid."

Anatoli Chubais, 45
Chairman of electricity monopoly UES
Accused of selling stock to foreigners beyond the 25% legal limit. Said Chubais last Friday: "We are not talking legal logic here, we're talking political logic. This is the beginning of the communist revanche."