60 Years Of Heroes

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Welcome to the greatest party ever held. In the 60 years that Time has been publishing an Atlantic edition, extraordinary people have emerged from the churn and turmoil, creativity and chaos of a period that witnessed the aftermath of world war, the toppling of communism in Central and Eastern Europe, the vanquishing of apartheid in South Africa, the advance of women, the failure of old certainties and the rise of new fears. These people are our heroes, and in this special anniversary issue, we celebrate them and their many achievements. Some forged reputations in battles against repression and prejudice, others tapped into the energies of the era to produce great works of art. But the party isn't a solemn one. We've also invited the men and women who have made our world more exciting: actors, musicians, adventurers, entrepreneurs, sports stars, together with representatives of a younger generation, brave hearts in an age of instability. Heroism is about taking risks—with ideas, with conventions, sometimes with life itself. Some of our heroes died prematurely; others lived to their full measure. All of them changed our world for the better. We raise a glass to them all—and to heroism.