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Scientists at the Australian Institute of Sport and the Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory believe they have a test that could close that loophole in time for the Olympics. Developed with the help of researchers in France, Canada and Norway, the test focuses on five changes in the blood that occur when EPO levels are artificially boosted. Says project head Peter Davis: "We can tell if someone is on EPO or if they have stopped using it in the last three to four weeks." Though final trials won't be complete until June 9, Davis says he is "highly confident" the test will meet the International Olympic Committee's stringent accuracy requirements. But it can't be used in Olympic competition until the commission's legal and scientific experts feel the same way. Will they be able to reach a decision by September? Fitch doubts it. "If the Olympics were a year away, I'd feel very confident," he says. As it is, "I'd say the chances are 20-30%."