Magnus Wislander

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Despite a string of international championships and honors like "world handball player of the century," Magnus Wislander, captain of the two-time world champion Swedish handball team, may be best known for his other nickname: "the Snake." He's no Richard Hatch, though. In Wislander's case, the title refers to an uncanny ability to slither through a field of opponents toward the goal. To get a grip on the sport, a popular one in Europe, think soccer using hands instead of feet, with some dribbling thrown in. Adept at both offense and defense, Wislander, 36, is 10 years older than the average player. He leads an equally experienced team of thirtysomethings, many of whom have played together for a decade. The results? Since his debut in 1985, Wislander has scored 956 goals and led his team to three World Cups. To his chagrin, Croatia upset Sweden to win gold in Atlanta. Which is to say, beware old-timers seeking revenge.