Timeline - Hot Points of the Crisis

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TIME Map by Ed Gabel and Grant Janes

Mapping the conflict between Pakistan and India

Hindu-dominated India and Muslim-dominated Pakistan gain independence from Britain. Both lay claim to Kashmir, a majority Muslim Princely state rules by Hindu Maharajah Hari Singh

India and Pakistan go to war over Kashmir. The U.N. brokers a cease-fire, creating the Line of Control dividing Kashmir and calling for a Kashmiri referendum to decide the territory's future

Kashmiris stage anti-India riots. Pakistan launches "Operation Grand Slam," a full-scale military campaign to capture India-controlled Kashmir. Indian troops fight off the attack

The two countries flight a third war over India's support of secessionists in East Pakistan, who succeed in breaking away to form Bangladesh

Revolts by Kashmiri against Indian rule begin in Srinigar. India accuses Pakistan of arming and training the insurgents. Pakistan denies active involvement

India and Pakistan conduct nuclear tests that lead to heightened tensions

Kashmiri militants occupy a chain of peaks near Kargil. Pakistan provides logistical and artillery support and troops. After six weeks and more than 1,000 casualties, Pakistan withdraws under international pressures

Several months after a failed peace summit in Agra two Pakistani militant groups are blamed for a deadly attack on the Indian Parliament. India demands that Pakistan hand over the organizers and close terrorist training camps. Each side masses troops at the line of Control