Protester Killed in Genoa Anti-Globalization Clashes

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An anti-globalization activist lies dead after clashes with police in Genoa

A protestor was killed Friday in dramatic clashes between Italian police and thousands of demonstrators in Genoa, the site of the current summit between the leaders of the world’s largest industrial powers.

At least 46 protestors and 31 police officers have been hurt in the conflict, in addition to the young man, whose cause of death was not yet clear. Some witnesses said he was shot in the head, others claimed he was beaten to death by police. One photograph shows his legs beneath a police truck.

The protestors are demonstrating against a variety of aspects of globalization — the crowds included union members, environmentalists, farmers and anarchists — and filled the streets of Genoa, battling police with bottles, stones and firebombs. At least 20,000 police officers and soldiers are stationed in the city during the summit, and they responded with batons, tear gas, water cannons and possibly live ammunition.