Milestones: Teddy Kollek, 1911-2007

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Teddy Kollek, former Mayor of Jerusalem, in 1979. Kollek died on January 2 at the age of 95.

Theodore "Teddy" Kollek, who died Tuesday at age 95, will be remembered for his acclaimed stewardship in what may be the most challenging city hall position in the world — mayor of Jerusalem. Born in Hungary and raised in Vienna, Kollek was elected mayor of a then-divided Jerusalem in 1965. But two years later, after the war of June 1967 during which Israel drove Jordanian forces out of the West Bank, Kollek found himself running a reunified (and therefore sharply divided) city that included some of the holiest sites of the three Abrahamic religions. In a December 1971 essay on the building of a new Jerusalem, TIME wrote:

"Even Arab leaders in occupied Jordan acknowledge that Mayor Teddy Kollek's supervision of the annexed territory has been generally benevolent and progressive. Arab residents have gained new schools, health centers, theaters, sewers, running water and electricity while paying only part of the taxes that Israelis pay. Part of this, obviously, is aimed at softening criticism of the Israeli annexation, yet most Arabs would still prefer to live under an Arab flag. Israel also recognizes the jurisdiction of Moslem religious courts and allows an Arab curriculum in Old City schools. 'We have no intention of creating a melting pot or a monoculture here,' says Kollek."

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