The Final Days of Saddam Hussein: A Web Guide

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Saddam Hussein's execution is proving to be as clandestine as the heinous acts he was found guilty of committing. But the Web has no shortage of coverage, blogging and interactive material to keep you up to date until his final hours.

George Washington University has put together a Saddam Hussein Sourcebook that brings together multiple declassified documents on America's relationship with the dictator.

From the International Herald Tribune (via the Associated Press), here are the thoughts of people whose opinions seem to be constantly sought by the media. But most of these people are against seeing Saddam die. WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE? ANALYSTS? IRAQIS? CAN YOU BE MORE SPECIFIC?

On, columnist Ray Hanania insists that Saddam's execution is murder following his unfair trial.

Although death by hanging was once America's favorite form of capital punishment, wanted to be sure we all knew exactly what will happen when Saddam faces the noose.

Check out the timeline of the whole Saddam trial. It gives you a year of events, arguments and testimonies, some of them quite graphic.

Even though Saddam's death will probably be handled by military officials, that's not stopping Iraqis from lining up to volunteer to do the job themselves, according to

At Iraq The Model, they're in a tense waiting pattern to see what will happen. They don't feel it will be too long, and they're certainly confident that 2007 will be Saddam-free.

In case you need to know some of Saddam's history, here's an interactive kaleidoscope of all things Saddam, as told by CNN.

MSNBC's Richard Engel who blogs from Baghdad and has been covering the trial, says when Saddam is executed may have more to do with religion than with politics.

Executions seem to have a finality about them, but in reality they rarely do, particularly in local settings. gives an of what to expect in the aftermath.

Finally, Saddam sends us these parting words, which may be the last we ever hear from him. In them, he calls on Iraqis not to hate the occupying forces, and to forgive those living in the allied nations who do not support the invasion.