Web Guide: Olympics 2006 in Torino

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The excitement of the Olympic Games has always been contagious. And with reason. For athletes, the Olympics are the culmination of years of arduous training, heady determination and the belief that anything is possible. For spectators, the Olympics are the ultimate inspiration, the opportunity to watch their favorite athletes' dreams materialize into a very tangible reality—often in the shape of a medal.

This year will be no different. As the Olympics open on February 10, 2006, millions of people around the world will be watching intently. Many will be there in person, others will watch on TV, but an even greater number will keep track of the Olympics using the World Wide Web. To get you started on the excitement, TIME has found the best online resources for this year's games.

News and Information

Torino 2006 Official Site
Here you will find the most recent, comprehensive and accurate information relating to the 2006 Olympic Games. Everything from competition schedules and weather forecasts to the official mascot is included in this easily navigable page.

2006 U.S. Olympic Team
Die-hard U.S. Olympic Team fans will not want to miss this one. With bios, videos and wallpaper images of notable figures such as Michelle Kwan and Bode Miller, the official U.S. Olympic Team site is a must-see.

Official Website of the Olympic Movement
Want to know what the International Olympic Committee is up to? Check out this site and find out everything about the Olympic Movement—from the organization's mission to your favorite athlete's medal tally. And to keep your passion for the Olympics aflame, check out the site's feature on the Olympic Museum.

Follow the Olympic Flame
Stalk the Olympic flame! With this cool site, you can follow the torch as it travels through Italy en route to the opening ceremony of the Torino games. And if you're an Italian resident, you can even use this site to sign up to be a torchbearer.

Kids Village
Learn the meaning behind the Olympic rings and get to know the Torino 2006 mascots with the many fun and educational activities this site offers. Look out for the coloring books and postcards; they can entertain children—and adults—for hours.

NBC Olympics 2006
Missed your flight to Torino? Not to worry. With NBC's coverage of the games, you can enjoy the 2006 Olympics as if you were right on the sidelines. This site features all the latest news, photos and videos of your favorite athletes—and you can access them at any time of the day.

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