Why Benazir Is Heading Home to Pakistan

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Benazir Bhutto's London flat is comfortable but hardly ostentatious. The most noteworthy decorative touches are several bouquets of slightly wilted flowers sent by supporters after the Pakistani Supreme Court decided last week to set aside her 1999 corruption conviction. The former prime minister's elation hasn't faded. "I'm absolutely thrilled," she says. "Now I am free of any stain." When reminded that the verdict is not a wholesale exoneration, but rather an order to set aside her conviction for taking kickbacks from a Swiss firm and proceed with a retrial and that charges remain pending against her, Bhutto is dismissive. "Anyone can make a charge. All this is a plot to deny my leadership to the people of Pakistan." She was routed at the polls when she last stood for election in 1997, but the court's decision lifts an order banning Bhutto from running for office for seven years. She now plans to reenter the political fray. Bhutto spoke with TIME's Aisha Labi. Full Story...