Whatever Happened to 'Cool Britannia'?

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Last week, bowing to the ravages of foot-and-mouth in the British countryside, Tony Blair ended an orgy of speculation by choosing June 7 instead of May 3 for local elections — and thus, everyone expects, for the general election he wishes so badly to win. The prime minister's decision about the date may be the last surprise of the campaign. Nothing the Tories do, not even 54 percent disapproval in a recent MORI poll of the way the government has handled foot-and-mouth, can seem to shake Labour's steady 15- to 20-point lead when people report how they plan to vote.

The Labour party machine grumbled about having to rework long-polished plans for ad buys and ministerial appearances. Otherwise, Blair's postponement was considered a smart move, blunting the Tories' accusations that he is arrogant and puts party above country. Full Story...