'Palestinians' Assert Themselves Inside Israel

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It is the last night of shooting for Elia Suleiman's feature film, "Chronicle of Love and Pain." On a quiet street in Sheikh Jarrah, an Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem, the 40-year-old director's special effects team is having trouble with a Molotov cocktail that's supposed to be thrown in this scene. A group of gawking Palestinian youths offers to help make a good firebomb. "They have experience with this kind of thing," Suleiman says wryly. A 40-year-old from Nazareth, Israel's biggest Arab town, Suleiman takes the gritty realities of life for Israel's 1 million Arab citizens and examines the way identity is shaped for a people caught painfully in the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "We are Palestinians-plus," he says. Full Story...