Friday, Mar. 26, 2010

Stumptown Coffee

If it's cozy, it's Portland-y. We're pretty much okay curled up in a corner reading our book and wearing our flannel shirt. And a cup of coffee goes nicely with that, too. It's not surprising that the modern coffee revolution in this country was sprung in the Pacific Northwest, in Seattle. But Portlanders are exceedingly picky about what they put in their cup, and they've moved way beyond Starbucks.

Enter Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Stumptown offers meticulously selected, roasted and brewed beans without being too precious about it. Founder Duane Sorenson has eyes on expansion, with a new plant in New York City that's already got that hard-to-excite city buzzing. The original Stumptown location, which opened in 1999 on Division Street, is where the company roasts most of its Portland beans. So, show off a little and prove how ahead-of-the-times you are by bringing home a sack of Stumptown beans.

When it takes over the world, you'll remember when.