Friday, Mar. 26, 2010

8. Voodoo Donuts

If there was ever a business that captured the kooky essence of Portland, it's Voodoo. From the belly of two locations, sweet-fingered magicians concoct what might best be described as avant-garde doughnuts: when Voodoo first opened, it offered doughnuts glazed with NyQuil and dusted with Pepto-Bismol — until the health department put the kibosh on them. Lest that sound unappetizing, please know that Voodoo's other offerings are actually quite delicious. The namesake Voodoo Doughnut is shaped like a voodoo doll and oozes blood red jelly, while the official city doughnut, the googly-eyed Portland Crème, kicks Boston's keister. Also, if you want to get married (legally or not), Voodoo is more than happy to provide that service.