Thursday, Sep. 25, 2008

Photo with Jay Leno

The only thing anyone wants you to bring home from L.A. is a picture of you with a celebrity. And even though it's going to be a really boring three hours of your life, you probably feel like you should see some kind of TV show being taped. So, you could go to a studio and wait in line to see a random new sitcom or wait in the long line at CBS to get into The Price is Right or, far better, go to NBC in Burbank to see the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Yes, I am actually recommending that you go see the Tonight Show with Jay Leno — which I would never tell you to do in the comfort of your own home. But he comes out before the show and talks to the audience for a long time, and if you ask for a photo with him, he'll bring you up on stage. Christmas card done.