Global Jukebox

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Bored by the bland pop and inane banter blaring from your wireless? It may be time to dump your old FM set and pick up an Internet radio. These audio gadgets look like regular radio receivers but can tune into the 10,000-plus stations around the world that stream music, news and chat over the Web. All you need is broadband and a WiFi router, and you can listen to anything from Malian blues to Tongan talk shows. Not sure which Internet radio to get? Here's some sound advice on three of the best.

Logitech Squeezebox Boom
With a beefy, bassy 30-watt amp and a pair of high-performance speakers, the Boom ($260) is built to shake the room. And there's no end to the tunes you can blast out of this little black box. It can wirelessly stream Web stations and — if you can't find anything you like online — music stored on your PC's hard drive. It also connects to personalized internet radio services like, Pandora and Slacker.

Roberts Stream 202
Want some musical accompaniment while you're pulling weeds in the yard? The Stream 202 ($180) is battery operated, compact and easy to lug around. And if your Internet connection goes down, no need to panic. The petite set can also tune into analog FM and DAB — the digital radio signal that broadcasts in some 20 countries, including the U.K. and Singapore.

Pure Evoke Flow
Smoky chrome dials and a high-gloss black finish make this one slick set. But the Evoke Flow ($200) has a stack of smarts behind that flash exterior. Its intelligent search function lets you hunt stations and podcasts by name, genre or language. So whether you're craving a dose of alt.rock or zydeco, your favorite sounds are never more than a couple of button pushes away.