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In early May, Madson's missing red Jeep Cherokee was noticed collecting parking tickets near the home of Miglin, 72, a millionaire Chicago developer. Days earlier Miglin's body, wrapped in duct tape with space left at his nose so he could breathe, had been found under a car in the garage of his Gold Coast home. His killer had stabbed him with pruning shears, then sawed through his throat with a gardening saw. The killer had also nibbled on some ham and an apple, then made off with Miglin's green 1994 Lexus.

It was found on May 9 in rural Pennsville, N.J., near the body of William Reese, 45, a cemetery caretaker. Police found him shot in the head, again with a Golden Saber .40-cal. bullet. Reese's red 1995 Chevrolet pickup was gone. The FBI believes Cunanan spent a few days in New York City's Greenwich Village, then headed south on the New Jersey Turnpike. Along the way Cunanan replaced the truck's plates with South Carolina license plates that he apparently stole from a K Mart parking lot off I-95 in Florence, S.C. Law-enforcement officials soon began picking up evidence that Cunanan, who had been placed on the FBI's ten-most-wanted list, was in South Florida, where many witnesses saw him on the club circuit.

The real Cunanan, hidden behind layers of his own lies, has never been easy to find. Though he liked to tell people he was the son of a wealthy Philippine sugar-plantation owner, his father Modesto, born in the Philippines, was a U.S. Navy veteran who later became a stockbroker. The youngest of four children, Cunanan grew up in middle-class Rancho Bernardo, Calif., a San Diego suburb. At the elite Bishop's School in La Jolla, he was popular and a little outrageous. Openly gay as a teenager, he once showed up at a school function in a red patent-leather jumpsuit that he said was a gift from his much older date.

After graduating in 1987--and being voted by his classmates "Most Likely Not to Be Forgotten"--Cunanan moved on to the University of California at San Diego, where he majored in history. During his freshman year, his world fell apart. According to court papers filed last year by Cunanan's mother MaryAnn, who was then seeking a legal separation, Andrew's father fled to the Philippines in 1988 because he was about to be arrested for "misappropriating" $106,000 from his stock-brokerage business. (San Diego police say they have no record of a charge against him.) Though for the next six years Modesto sent MaryAnn his $900-a-month Navy pension, she says he stopped in late 1995. Forced onto welfare and food stamps, she moved to Eureka, Ill., to be near another son, Christopher, and to settle in public housing. About a month ago, Cunanan's mother returned quietly to National City, Calif., a working-class suburb of San Diego.

When his father took off, Cunanan dropped out of college and joined him briefly in the Philippines. In her court papers, his mother says he came back because he could not stand his father's living conditions. In the Philippine town of Plaridel, where Modesto lives now, he was questioned last week by Philippine police, who wanted to know if his son had tried to contact him lately. They say he insisted that his boy was not Versace's killer. "My son is not like that," the elder Cunanan told them. "He had a Catholic upbringing. He was an altar boy."

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