The Zoe Baird Debacle: How It Happened

The Baird debacle grew out of a selection process in which Clinton aides acted hastily and cavalierly in brushing aside an early warning

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While the headache is ending for Clinton, it may be just beginning for the Peruvian couple hired by Baird. Immigration officials have ordered Victor and Lillian Cordero to appear for questioning next week in Hartford. Deportation proceedings could follow. Victor's current employer says the former driver has disappeared, leaving a note that he was returning to Peru; Lillian has not yet been located.

Things should go better for Baird. Aetna has put out word that it "very much looks forward" to her continuing in her job. Clinton, in his letter to Baird, left a door open to other possibilities, stating, "I hope that you will be available for other assignments for your country in my Administration." It is not known what the two discussed when they met at the White House on Friday. Since sending her withdrawal letter, Baird has disappeared from public view. What is known is that after her exhausting ordeal, she and Gewirtz returned to their hotel where their three-year-old son was sleeping soundly under the care of a baby-sitter -- a U.S. citizen.

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