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He was Dwight Stanley Perrin, assistant managing editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Burly Dwight Perrin, 51, is not only an oldtime newspaperman but the son of an oldtime newspaperman (his father, Frank Leon Perrin, is associate editor of the Christian Science Monitor). He was city editor of the New York Herald Tribune when in 1926 he went to the Post-Dispatch as assistant to famed Oliver Kirby Bovard. One of his successors at the Herald Tribune was Stanley Walker, who is now trying to oust the Bulletin as Philadelphia's No. 1 newspaper.

Musical Chairs. Cold fact about Philadelphia newspapers is that the city can support three papers but not four. The Bulletin, Ledger and Record get along fairly well together and there would be no cut-throat competition today if Moe Annenberg were not set on making himself a great publisher. But with radio advertising gaining on newspaper lineage, operating costs rising and combined circulation falling off, Philadelphia's game of musical chairs will probably continue until one of the players falls out. Plenty of Philadelphians hope it will be Moe Annenberg—especially J. David Stern.

*A last week's sample: "Sir: I want to make a complaint about Yeadon fellows. All they do is play baseball and flirt with girls. I went through Yeadon last week to see a friend and all the fellows do is to try to make strange girls. They should learn some refinement from West Philly fellows. [Signed] West Philly Girl."

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