GERMANY: All Fools' Day

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Judges & Children. End of the official boycott and lessening of physical violence did not mean that the troubles of Jews were ending last week. Minister of Justice for Prussia Kerrl ordered all Jewish Judges to hand in their resignations, an order that promptly removed even Chief Justice of the Prussian Supreme Court Kurt Soelling. In future Jewish lawyers allowed to practice in Prussia will be limited to the proportion of Jews to the

State's population 1%. Jewish children were driven from public schools. In Bavaria, Baden, Thuringia, Württemberg, Hesse, the Nazis forbade kosher slaughtering of meat. The National Government forbade any Jew to leave Germany without special police permission stamped on his passport. Chief Engineer Walter Schaeffer of the Rundfunk Wireless Organization was dismissed from his post, committed suicide. Albert Einstein's bank deposits ($5,955 in securities, $1,191 in cash) were confiscated. The Professor announced that he would renounce his German citizenship.

Reaction. The most obvious reaction to all this was on the Berlin Stock Exchange. For four weeks in happy anticipation of a Nazi New Deal, the Berlin Bourse had boomed. Fortnight ago brokers announced that many issues were selling 300% above their crisis lows. Last week it crashed. Stocks dropped 20 to 30 points. There were moments of panic selling. Meanwhile the world fight against Nazi Jew-baiting continued.

Moscow. Soviet Russia is normally one of the largest importers of German goods. The Kremlin stood ready to cancel millions of dollars of German contracts, were holding them out as bait for U. S. recognition.

Paris. Two mass meetings were called. A newly organized International League against Anti-Semitism called upon Jewish shops through Paris to boycott German goods. Jewish merchants posted signs GERMAN SALESMEN WILL NOT BE RECEIVED. In Marseilles a mass meeting protested Emil Ludwig's criticism of the Treaty of Versailles. Boos against Ludwig suddenly subsided when it was announced that Author Ludwig had been exiled from Germany. The French Line seized the opportunity to advertise that kosher food would be served on its boats.

Buenos Aires. At a protest meeting in Luna Park attended by nearly 20,000 people three Nazi sympathizers were severely beaten.

London. In the House of Lords Viscount Cecil, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Marquess of Reading, Earl of Iddesleigh urged Government action.

Havana. All Jewish shops were closed for one day.

Warsaw. Throughout Poland Jewish shops were closed, protest meetings were held, Rabbis declared a general fast.

New York. The most violent boycott scheme came from the same Lawyer Aaron Sapiro who once sued Henry Ford for $1,000,000 for defaming the Jewish race. Acting as though there really existed that chief bugaboo of Jew-baiters, a secret international Jewish commercial organization, he proposed an international boycott of German goods by Jewish importers and commission merchants "from Vladivostok and Shanghai to Rio de Janeiro and Johannesburg." He offered to organize a general staff to help importers all over the world find substitutes for German goods and send weekly bulletins to leaders of Jewish communities in every city.

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