Business & Finance: Light

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"Let there be light," says the light company; and wiry candles glitter in all the cities of the world, bulbs of light blossom in the street, lights are in the houses, there is gaiety behind bright windows and darkness, enormous, hungry and patient, is compelled to crouch under the ocean or in the corners of closets. All this is expensive and Lawrence F. Jones, a radio dealer, decided that the Brooklyn Edison Co. had charged him too much for lighting his shop. Accordingly, he refused to pay their bill for $21.58.

With what fury the Brooklyn Edison Co. pursued Lawrence F. Jones! First they shut off his power, but his store remained well lighted. The Edison Co. appealed to the Department of Water, Gas and Electricity, supposing that Lawrence Jones was stealing current to illuminate his store. Though his store remained lighted, no one could tell where he got the current. At last, the Brooklyn Edison Co. had Lawrence Jones arrested. He proved himself innocent of theft and went his way.

Last week, Lawrence F. Jones was suing the Brooklyn Edison Co. for $50,000 alleging malicious persecution. He stated in court that he had kept his store bright and cheery with storage batteries charged in another shop. A jury awarded him $10,000.