The FBI Stings Congress

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activism in probing more sophisticated crime might lead—and whose white collar might be smudged—remains a great concern in Washington. Rumors persist that despite the leaks, not all of the Congressmen entangled in the Abscam net have yet been publicly identified. Thus, though all but one of the members of Congress pinpointed so far were Democrats, most Republicans cautiously refrained from making the new scandal a partisan political issue. An exception was Pennsylvania Republican Bud Shuster, chairman of the House Republican policy committee, who claimed, "History teaches that when one party is in power a long time, corruption increases. This is the result of one party's being in control of Congress for 25 years." Protested a Democratic House leader, Washington's Thomas Foley: "He wasn't saying that about Watergate." Insisted New York Republican Congressman Barber Conable: "There's no plus for Republicans in this. It's a bad show, and we're all going to lose from it." -

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