The Sexes: Total Fascination

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A Total Woman is instructed to be ready for intercourse every night for a week, to try to seduce her husband in an unlikely spot like under the dining-room table or in the hammock. "He may say, 'We don't have a hammock.' You can reply, 'Oh, darling, I forgot!' If you are creative and imaginative, he'll love you for it." She should also try to greet her man at the door in "an outrageously sexy outfit." (The children get a kick out of this too, says Morgan.) One Southern Baptist woman wore only mesh stockings, high heels and an apron to welcome her mate home from work. She reports that her husband shouted, "Praise the Lord!" and finished his dinner very rapidly.

Other tips: put a sexy note in your husband's briefcase or lunch box and call him at his job to say "I crave your body." (One woman got the wrong number and found herself talking to her husband's startled friend.)

Some of the techniques for ending arguments are familiar to marriage counselors, for instance, making a list of your husband's best qualities and reading them off to him with enough embellishment to make him melt. But there are limits to profitable deceit. When one wife said her Miami Dolphin husband complained at being asked to open all the food jars, Morgan replied sensibly: If his ego is that strong, only hand him the jars you really can't open.

One of the aims of both Morgan and Andelin is to get women out of competition with men, and Andelin says that many of her graduates quit their jobs unless the extra income is essential. "There are sufficient men to be Presidents and not nearly enough women to be good mothers," she declares. But whatever the movement owes to the anxieties raised by women's lib, Andelin insists she is not antifeminist. She is simply concerned with making traditional marriage work. "I was even surprised when women's lib came on the scene," she says, "I thought Fascinating Womanhood was what all women were waiting for."

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