Organizations: Beware the Comsymps

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¶ New York's Republican Senator Jacob Javits told students at Princeton University that the society should be investigated by Congress, noted that "the principles of a free society can be eroded from the extreme right as well as the extreme left." ¶ In West Germany, The Overseas Weekly, an independent newspaper run by Americans, declared that major General Edwin A. Walker, tough commander of the tough 24th Infantry Division, was Birching his troops with lecture and pamphlet. The paper charged that Walker claimed that President Truman, former Secretary of State Dean Acheson and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt were "definitely pink." and that TV's Edward R. Murrow, now director of the U.S. Information Agency, was a "confirmed Communist." What was more, 60% of the U.S. press and broadcasting industry was Communist-controlled. Although Walker issued a denial, Wisconsin's Democratic Senator William Proxmire said the incident was proof positive that the fight against Communism should be taken over by "intelligent" people and not left to "morons." ¶ In Chicago, a group of 150 Birchmen and like-thinking conservatives rallied round a chubby New Orleans publisher named Kent Courtney to form a new, rightist political party. But the party's most obvious candidate for public office did not choose to run. "Courtney is a publicity seeker," declared Robert Welch: "We have no interest in a third party."

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