National Affairs: Roosevelt's Rest

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At Warm Springs. Ga. last week President-elect Roosevelt:

¶ Presided over the annual Founders' Day dinner. Said he: "Our dreams have come true. We've shown that we people here have determined to get over the small physical handicaps which after all don't amount to a hill of beans."

¶ Began daily two-hour swims in the Foundation's indoor pool, followed by a massage of his shriveled legs by Physiotherapist Helen Lauer.

¶ Received an average of ten telegrams per hour asking for appointments for personal conferences.

¶ Turned 16 turkeys. 45 quail, all gifts, over to the Foundation's commissary.

¶ Cogitated the recognition of Soviet Russia "with an open mind."

¶ Conferred with the executive committee of the National Grange for 90 minutes on legislative plans for farm, relief. Commitments:

¶ Heard that job-seekers were hitchhiking into Warm Springs to see him. A sentry was posted outside his white cottage among the pines.

¶ Prepared for a round of political visits this week from Democratic Senators and Congressmen.

¶ Caught up on back correspondence.

¶ Rested.