NEW PRODUCTS: Something for Lefty

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Among new consumer and industrial gadgets last week:

¶ A Manhattan department store offered left-handed corkscrews, fountain pens, watches, shears and checkbooks, just in time for Christmas.

¶ Manhattan's Vat-Craft Corp. displayed a machine which uses radioactive material to dye fabrics. The fabric is first run through a dye solution containing a harmless uranium compound, then dipped into a photo-sensitizing solution. In a light radiation chamber, the color is "developed" in much the same way as a photographic film, and the pigments become an integral part of the fabric.

¶ The Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co. unveiled a new Scotch tape for industrial use. Made of acetate film, reinforced with glass filaments, it is strong enough to band and strap heavy machinery parts, plate glass, lumber and other heavy objects for shipping.

¶ Keen's English Chop House in Manhattan introduced the "Viand Visualizer," a refinement of the old-fashioned stereoscope. Instead of a menu, the customer gets the visualizer and a bunch of slides, picks himself a three-dimensional, "Technicolored" meal.