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In Mr. Toad Disney is back where he belongs—in the world of inspired fauna and improbable flora. J. Thaddeus Toad, madcap scion of an ancient family of landed British amphibians and a passionate gadgeteer, comes near being one of his liveliest, most lovable creations. Narrated with crisp anonymity by Basil Rathbone, the film is packed with memorable moments: Toad chugging about on his rump in delirious imitation of a motorcar; his flight from jail through a dark blue night stitched red with running gunfire; the defeat of the thieving weasels in the epochal battle of Toad Hall. This lighthearted, fast-moving romp has inspired some of Disney's most inventive draftsmanship and satire—in the crotchets of Toad and his loyal friends, Rat, Mole, MacBadger and Cyril the horse.

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