People, Jun. 7, 1937

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Names make news."Last week these names made this news:

Inside "The Yacht Club," midtown Manhattan nightspot, a lady bouncer named Lois de Fee (6 ft. 3 in., 180 Ib.) claimed that little Lew Brice, Comedienne Fanny's brother, suddenly turned on her and gave her a rabbit punch, then blacked both eyes, broke her nose. Arrested, Brice claimed Bouncer de Fee started it.

Outside "Bill's Gay Nineties," midtown Manhattan nightspot, Cinemauthor Adela Rogers St. John, her husband Francis Patrick O'Toole and friends Daniel Higgins & Will Wright claimed they were set upon without provocation by Doorman Charles F. ("Sailor") Grande. Wright's skull was fractured. Taken to police court, where her party as well as the doorman were booked for assault. Miss St. John explained how she came through the brawl unscathed:

"Jack Dempsey—you know Jack Dempsey, of course—taught me how to duck. And who should know better how to teach anybody to duck than Jack Dempsey? After that, I don't know what happened. ... I suddenly looked around and there was Bill Wright, the sweetest man that God ever made, lying on the sidewalk, all bloodied. . . . They took us over to the police station. And then I want to tell you that the sweetest thing that ever has happened in my life happened right then. I looked up and there was Sherman Billingsley and Mac from '21' standing there with $5,000 cash just in case we needed it. And we did, too."

At New London. Conn.. Nobel Prizeman Sinclair Lewis revealed: "When I don't like what I've started to write I unroll the entire sheet and put in a fresh one. I don't think it's a good practice to tear a partly written sheet out of a typewriter."

Approaching Honolulu in his yacht the Cressida, George Vanderbilt his wife and three friends put on bathing suits, put off in a speedboat and skimmed ashore. Next day the Vanderbilts & friends were fined $500 each for evading customs inspection.

Torch Singer Helen Morgan returned from England, received interviewers aboard the S.S. Washington. Sighed she: "My gawd, the money I owe."

Suffering from nervous exhaustion after hearing George VI read through his Coronation speech, Lionel Logue, credited with curing His Majesty of stammering, left London for a long rest.

Addressing the Buffalo Advertising Club, Professor Burges Johnson, chairman of the department of English at Union College, Schenectady, N. Y. and onetime editor-in-chief of Judge, declared: "Mark Twain is the alltime, all-America cusser. He could cuss five solid minutes without repeating himself."

Protesting the charge of the National Indian Association that Nevada's Piute Indians had held a "terrible orgy'' at Yerington, drunk "all the liquor they could get," followed it with the anti-freeze from their cars, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt resigned as honorary vice president.

Louis Alexandre Taschereau, 70, for 16 years Premier of Quebec, ousted last year (TIME, June 22). narrowly escaped drowning when his boat tipped over during a fishing trip in Northern Quebec. Clinging to his upsidedown craft until he had removed his mackinaw and high boots, he swam ashore.