Cinema: The New Pictures: Oct. 28, 1935

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Good shot: Virginia Bruce, rendering Micaela's third act aria from Carmen, photographed so perfectly that few cinemaddicts will be aware that a double does her singing for her.

Hands Across the Table (Paramount) puts a new twist to the old one about the millionaire's son and the manicurist. Carole Lombard is the manicurist, Fred MacMurray the son. The twist is that the one idea they have in common keeps them apart. Both want to marry money.

Having lost all his father gave him, MacMurray gets engaged to an heiress and is dispatched to Bermuda by her family while she gets ready for the wedding. He spends his steamship fare taking Miss Lombard out after their meeting in a barber shop. Next day they make a deal whereby she lets him live in her apartment until the supposed vacation is over. In its appeal to a U. S. box-office which rarely resists the situation of two young people living together and not making love, Hands Across the Table should do well.

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