People: Jan. 29, 1965

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The estate of Lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II, probated five years after his death, was valued at $7,127,161.65, bequeathed mostly to his widow, Dorothy, and their three children. It included a portfolio of 43 stocks and bonds, ranging from 104 shares of IBM to 100 of Du Pont, and "interests in musical and literary properties," meaning copyrights to lyrics from Rose Marie (1924) to The Sound of Music (1959), estimated at $3,300,000.

"I'm always anxious to talk—except before the Senate Rules Committee, of course," a newly ash-blonde Carole Tyler, 25, announced in Nashville. Bobby Baker's former private secretary was appearing at a meeting of her home state's Press Association to complain about the way newsmen had treated her. In reporting the Senate investigations last year, she said, they resorted to "innuendoes" not "facts" to "assassinate the character of me." She was particularly riled at TIME for reporting her obviously vital statistics as 35-26-35. "That burns me up," she sniffed. "I'm not that big." Well? Oh no, you don't, said Carole, telling only that she has taken off 10 Ibs. since the hearings.

That gleaming dome of the Capitol is all very well, but South Dakota's Democratic Senator George S. McGovern, 42, found himself emulating it a couple of years ago, as a result of a siege of hepatitis. Last week, while introducing a bill to boost Government-maintained prices on domestic wheat to 100% of parity, McGovern displayed a return to parity himself, with the aid of what the trade calls a "partial hairpiece." Several of his colleagues thought it was pretty funny, but McGovern silenced them with a farm metaphor. Said he: "When the shingles start corning off the barn roof, you put some new ones on."

Midst laurels stood: TV Host Ed Sullivan, 62, installed as a Knight of Magistral Grace of the Order of the Knights of Malta, the 800-year-old Roman Catholic secular order; J. Paul Austin, 49, president of Coca-Cola Co., recipient of the 1965 medal of Philadelphia's Poor Richard Club for his "exemplary leadership"; Yachtsman Olin Stephens, 56, designer of Constellation, which defended the America's Cup for the U.S. last summer, winner of the Nathaniel G. Herreshoff Trophy of the North American Yacht Racing Union; General Lyman Lemnitzer, 65, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, awarded the Bernard Baruch Medal by the U.S. Veterans of Foreign Wars; Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, 66, given a plaque by the Camp Fire Club of America, at the Tavern-on-the-Green in Manhattan's Central Park.

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